A window to Europe

size 7.51 MB

A window to Europe is a hybrid additive / FM synth featuring a rhythm sequencer.

  • Bank on 128 presets + additional, all – 146.
  • The main modules and elements of management are equipped with the random button.
  • Hybrid from oscillators of additive synthesis and FM.
  • The user can operate additive synthesis, drawing the cursor the wave line in a program window.
  • The filter with ADSRL envelope.
  • ADSR envelope for amp.
  • Ping-pong delay.
  • Three-band equalizer.
  • Effect horus-flenzher.
  • Rhythm sequencer with speed and smoothing adjustment, 8 levels of cycle city in each step.
  • Monitoring of a sound signal with possibility of a freeze frame of the picture.
  • Built-in preset manager with ability to patch name editing.



8_A_Window_to_Eur  ( 7.51 MB )

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