Aggressive Drums

size 25.8 MB  /  26 MB  /  33.6 MB  /  33.6 MB

Aggressive Drums is a rompler recorded using various reprocessed live drum samples through different lofi signal chains.
Resulting in an aggressive and distorted drum hit, used to great effect as a drum layer as well as on it’s own. Using the VST add drive, body, snap and brighten to each hit.
With built in parameters including drive, body, snap and brighten. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav.

  • 57 Kick Hits.
  • 42 Snare Hits.


Aggressive-Drums_Win32  ( 25.8 MB )

Aggressive-Drums_Win64  ( 26 MB )

Aggressive-Drums_MacAU  ( 33.6 MB )

Aggressive-Drums_MacVST  ( 33.6 MB )

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