Analog Obsession – SPre

size 6 MB  / 3 MB  / 7 MB  / 7 MB / 7 MB

Good Old Times…

Shape your digital samples with SPre and give warmth and depth!

Vintage to Modern

Bring back vintage color from famous sampler
Pitch down & up
Sequence your filter
Use static filter for automation or simple usage
Dynamic filter to follow your peaks and add LPF
Mix static and dynamic filters


FREQ. – Variable cut-off frequency
Q – Variable cut-off frequency Q Factor
ATTACK – Setting for attack time of Dynamic filter
RELEASE – Setting for release time of Dynamic filter
MODE – Variable mode select knob between Static and Dynamic filters
MIX – Mix for Direct Sample and SPre preamp
OUT – Clean output
SEQ – Sequencer for filter. When you engage Sequencer, dynamic filter will be deactive. Attack will be fixed and Release will set Sequencer speed. Also, you can follow speed by indicator.
PITCH – Will set pitch of sample (DOWN/UP)


SPre_VST_WIN  ( 6 MB )

SPre_VST3_WIN  ( 3 MB )

SPre_VST_MAC  ( 7 MB )

SPre_VST3_MAC  ( 7 MB )

SPre_AU_MAC  ( 7 MB )

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