Dark Four

size 2.29 MB

Dark Four approximates a group of 4 Doepfer Dark Energy.
As suggested in the manual for the modular version A-111-5, it combines features of the DE I and II. Mod of VCF by VCO, Tri/Pulse/Saw waveforms and 4-pole Low Pass as in DE I; Multimode Filter as in DE II.
Each module is a complete voice and contains a VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR and two LFOs. Envelopes have two time ranges; LFOs, three rate ranges (up to audio rate).
Each synth voice has it’s own Pitch Bend range and Glide controls, and stereo pan. For visual clarity, the modules are labeled A, B, C, D and are color-coded alternately.
Each module’s LFO 1, Envelope and audio out can patched to any of the others.
Patching is by drop-downs at bottom of each synth voice.



Dark-Four  ( 2.29 MB )

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