Davisynth – Spiral Delay

Spiral Delay

size 2.3 MB

Spiral Delay is a step up from your basic ping-pong delay.

It makes echoes that slowly pan back and forth at an adjustable speed. This amounts to a ping-pong style delay but instead of switching between hard-left and hard-right panning, there are intermediate panning steps.

Spiral Delay has all the standard features expected for a modern delay plugin. It includes a bandpass filter and advanced tempo matching that extends to dotted and triplet notes.

No need to read knob values if you don’t want to! Spiral Delay’s graphics capture the effects of the different parameters to provide you with excellent visual feedback. This is especially helpful when automating parameters.


SpiralDelay_win64  ( 2 MB )

SpiralDelay_osx.component  ( 2 MB )

SpiralDelay_osx.vst3  ( 2 MB )

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