Helio v3.12 Sequencer & Music Composition

Helio v3.12

size 40 MB

Helio is a free and open-source music sequencer for desktop and mobile platforms:
Helio is an attempt to rethink a music sequencer to create a tool that feels right. It provides a lightweight UI to help you get into the zone and focus on your ideas.

Clear over clever
Visualize music in a way that doesn’t seem so smoke and mirrors. The app may serve as a learning tool you need to grow as a composer.

Cross-platform tech
Hosts VST, VST3, LV2, AudioUnit plugins, and SoundFonts. Runs on CoreAudio, ASIO, DirectSound, ALSA, JACK, and OpenSLES, exports to MIDI, WAV, and FLAC. Available for desktop and mobile platforms.

Why another sequencer?
Most of the DAW interfaces often seem overcomplicated, and they only tend to get more and more bloated over time. Many of them are commercial, proprietary-licensed and almost none of them support all major operating systems at the same time.

Helio is an attempt to rethink a music sequencer to create a tool that feels right.

It aims to be a modern music creation software, featuring linear-based/pattern-based sequencer with clean UI, integrated version control, microtonal temperaments support, small portable builds and more; mainly targeted at hobbyist composers, game developers and indie artists. Check out this YouTube channel for some showcases.

Documentation :


Just Standalone version

You can load instrument/plugin in it.
You can export audio and midi files

Helio 3.12  ( 40 MB )

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