LinearPhaseGraphicEQ v.2.1.5

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LinearPhaseGraphicEQ is a free VST plugin for windows.  This consists of a LinearPhaseFIR, and can keep clean sounds.

Version 2 has 61 frequency bands and the ranges of gain are [-12 to +12dB] or [-96 to +12dB] or [-24 to +24dB].

You can easily draw gain to frequency graphic.

*SamplingRate: 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k support
*StereoOut: (mono->stereo, stereo->stereo)support*64bit float internal precision.

Copy “LPGEQ2_1.dll” to the VST plugin folder of your host application.


lpgeq2_1  ( 143 KB )

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