Midinaut Drum Station

size 4.81 MB

Midinaut Drum Station is a 16 step sequencer sample player.

  • 4 Drumkits (TR-808/TR-909/TR-707/CR-78).
  • 16 step sequencer for each instrument.
  • Peak meter for each instrument.
  • Custom WAV files can be loaded.
  • Synced track stereo delay.
  • Synced master stereo delay.
  • Master filter (serial LP/HP), each with synced LFO.
  • Filter-, Pitch- and Pan-Modulator.
  • Cleaner (Instrument will not pass the master delay and filter. Track delay still works, but passes the filter).
  • 16 step filter sequencer, pan and pitch modulation.
  • Synced master flanger, with synced LFO.
  • Master reverb.
  • 40 Presets.


MDS  ( 4.81 MB )

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