Nembrini Audio – NA 808 Overdrive Pro

Nembrini Audio – NA 808 Overdrive Pro

size 42 MB  / 42 MB

NA 808 Overdrive Pro is an overdrive pedal modeled on the Japanese green pedal with the same JRC4558D IC chip.

The featured knobs on this classic “stomp-box” plugin indicate controls for Drive dial, Tone and Level, so you can modify your sound to your liking. NA 808 Overdrive Pro classic overdrive pedal is everything that made its original release fantastic, and more.

Regularly remarked as the “Holy Grail” of overdrive pedals, it should be an integral part of every guitarist plugins arsenal.
This pedal plugin produces amazing, breathtaking sounds, justifying its tradition and quality. If you’d like the push the boundaries of this brilliant “stomp-box” to its maximum potential, you can attach it to an amp plugin distortion setting, for producing that slick valve tune.

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NA_808_Win  ( 42 MB )

NA_808_Mac  ( 42 MB )

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