nofish Dub Siren

size 5.13 MB  / 5.18  MB  / 5.47  MB  / 4.83  MB

nofish Dub Siren is a monophonic synth aiming to emulate these DIY devices used by Dub Sound Systems.

  • Oscillator with sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from.
  • LFO1 modulates OSC pitch.
  • LFO2 modulates LFO1 speed.
  • LFO3 modulates LFO1 amount.
  • Tape delay emulation with high- and lowpass filter in the feedback path.
  • Feedback can be > 1 so Dub style delay buildups are possible, be careful…
  • Trigger is also controllable via MIDI note on / off.

Win: recommended to use VST2 version, VST3 version is experimental.
Mac: only tested in Reaper, not sure if working in other hosts.


nofish-Dub-Siren_Win32  ( 5.13 MB )

nofish-Dub-Siren_Win64  ( 5.18 MB )

nofish-Dub-Siren_MacAU-1.01  ( 5.47 MB )

nofish-Dub-Siren_MacVST  ( 4.83 MB )

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