Quilcom ASS

size 9.33 MB

Quilcom ASS is an Analogue Sounding Synthesizer. 
It allows you to explore the old debate about analogue sounding better than digital techniques. You can switch between the detailed Analogue emulation and a pure “Digital” version of the same preset. This gives flexibility to find a quality of sound that appeals and is appropriate to purpose.
There are many tweakable parameters to adjust for both types of sound, so you can experience what early synthesists found when they first compared the new with the old.
The synth also has a range of effects where you can individually switch between an emulated vintage sound and a modern more “perfect” digital take.
The download includes a User Reference guide which goes into detail for every control and also provides background information on the processes and decisions made.


Quilcom-ASS  ( 9.33 MB )

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