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Filter Force Free

size 39 MB  / 80 MB

Filter Force Free is a dual filter bank centered around modulating any audio parameter.

Use 2 independent modulation sequencers to spice up any audio track with interesting rhythmic patterns.

  • Four Sequencers : Create any modulation you can think of with four fully independent stereo modulation sequencers.
  • True Stereo Modulation : Easily widen your stereo field by using the stereo modulation source. Sequencers run independently for left and right channels as well.
  • Intuitive Modulation Editing : Fine tune your curves by setting control points, or draw quickly with the predefined brushes.
  • Randomize Modulation : Let randomness take over by generating random modulation sequences on every run cycle.
  • Sync the Way You Want : MIDI-key sync lets you shape any instrument in your chain. Other run modes let the sequencers run free or sync them to your DAWs playback.

YouTube video

FilterForce_WinInstallerFree  ( 39 MB )

FilterForceFree1.0.2MacInstaller  ( 80 MB )

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