Wollo Beat

size 4.62 MB

The Wollo Beat is a virtual drum and percussion machine. It combines the old Roland style sounds with acoustic sampled sounds.

Two onboard effect processors. One build in delay effect and one reverb with phaser
adding ambience to the sounds. The Wollo Beat’s key features include two drumsets, each with 15 velocity sensitive sounds. With gain, pan, and filters to alter each instrument. As well as pitch. Actually this is two drum machines built into one unit, for single, double or multitimbral use. With 2 stereo outputs for further individual effect treatment in a mixer.

  • 2 drum machines, each with 15 sounds. With separate MIDI channels and outputs
  • Volume, pan, filters and pitch for each sound
  • Delay and Reverb internal effects
  • Trigger pads for playing the sounds with the mouse (MIDI channel 1 only)



WOLLO_BEAT_2  ( 4.62 MB )

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