Acoustic Indian Dhol Lite

size 3.01 MB  /  3.20 MB  /  10.5 MB  /  10.5 MB

Acoustic Indian Dhol Lite is a sample based indian dhol percussion. 
It has been sampled from real indian leather dhol instruments. It is the first VST and AU plugins that can play real Indian Dhol inside any Digital Audio Workstation. Indian, Punjabi, Bollywood and Bhangra styles are available in Acoustic Dhol. Various articulations are available.

  • Sampled from real indian dhol.
  • Different articulations.
  • Velocity sensitive.
  • Attack Realease Rotary Knob.
  • Tune Volume Pan Rotary Knob.
  • Algorithmic Reverb.
  • Level meter.


RDGAudio-Dhol-Lite-Win32bit  ( 3.01 MB )

RDGAudio-Dhol-Lite-Win64bit  ( 3.20 MB )

RDGAudio-Dhol-Lite-MacAU  ( 10.5 MB )

RDGAudio-Dhol-Lite-MacVST  ( 10.5 MB )

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