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BassTard is a monophonic subtractive synthesizer, designed to put out ground-shattering low frequency content.
BassTard was created around simplicity, delivering only the parameters needed to sculpt your perfect bass sound. Every major parameter has MIDI learn functionality, via the right mouse button.
At the core of BassTard’s engine is a pair of unique oscillators, both with variable waveforms from a selection of shapes created with sub-woofer rattling bass sounds in mind. The unique waveshape morphing parameters allow you to create almost endless combinations of waveforms, enabling you to create individual flare for each sound. Each of the oscillators runs through an ADSR envelope before reaching the filter stage.
The first filter is a “Moog” styled low-pass filter, controlled by the Filter Envelope section, and optionally via keyboard velocity and note. The second has variable filter types, designed to add overtones to the original filter, it is also optionally controlled via keyboard note tracking.
Filter Envelope:
The Filter Envelope section was not only crafted with the idea of being able to create the tightest of filter curves, but also with the ability to function as an LFO modulator, for warping bass sounds. This is easily achieved by adjusting the settings via the right mouse button menu.
BassTard comes equipped with a simple to use parametric EQ with spectrum analysis, to help identify erroneous frequencies and further sculpt your perfect bass tone. The idea was that often an EQ plays a very integral role in the construction of a bass patch, and to be able to save and operate all the parameters within one host would be a key feature in finding the sound you want quickly and effortlessly.
Transient Shaper:
Second last in the signal path is a transient shaper, to balance or accentuate the peaks or dips of the total dynamic range of your sound. The transient shaper functions slightly differently from a regular envelope in that rather than the parameters controlling time based functions, they control the amplitude of either the peak or dip.
Finally, for good measure, we added a dual-band compressor into the chain. The compressor is able to smooth out the most aggressive of basslines, or bring out roaring harmonics from soothing tones. It has a dry/wet parameter, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of compression needed to compliment your sound perfectly.


hawk-vst-basstard-v1 ( 3.15 MB )

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