Flandersh Tech – Substitute


size 19 MB

Substitute is a dual oscillator analog synthesizer.
Covering all the classical features of a subtractive synthesizer such as oscillators, filters, effects, extensive modulation options and arp/chord generator, you have what you need to make your sound. In addition to this, it is a social synth created for connecting to other synthesizers through its CV outs and sampling features.
  • Dual oscillator section with classical waveforms and oscilloscope.
  • Supports custom single-cycle waveforms and recording/sampling of single-cycle waveforms.
  • Topology preserving analog-style filters with spectrum meter.
  • Extensive modulation capabilities through four envelopes and four LFOs, with CV out options for external instruments.
  • Creative effect section with different delays, waveshaper, compressor, reverb, special noise generator, ring modulation, FM, tone control, bit reduction and saturation amp.
  • MIDI chord generator and classic arpeggiator.
  • VST3.
Requires Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2015 version).


Substitute-Setup  ( 19 MB )

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