Analog Obsession – COMBOX

Analog Obsession – COMBOX

size 5 MB  / 5 MB  / 3 MB

Two in one!
Two in one unit with filters and eq. Pure solid and discrete emulation of famous units!
3-band inductor-based EQ operation
100Hz low-band, 2.7kHz mid-band, 10kHz high-band
Discrete op-amp models
Carefuly modelled transformers
Variable HPF
Variable LPF
True Component & Circuit Modeling
Re-drawing and designing original circuit carefully and emulated original fingerprint of the gear. Carefully designed transformers and op-amps. Fully emulated line-amp, eq and filters.

YouTube video




COMBOX_4.0_VST_WIN  ( 5 MB )


COMBOX_4.0_AU_MAC ( 3 MB )

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