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AdopplerEn2 is designed to reproduce the Doppler effect on the audio source.

The modulation is not fixed and each audio processing function can be modulated by a lfo. The processing is not only made on a single stereo channel but on 8 parallel channels. There are also eight lfos that can be used by all the channels and can have various shapes. So if the original Doppler effect, which the plugin was originally designed for, still can be produced, a wide variety of new ones are also possible, such as chorus, flanger, panner, multi tapes delays, strange distorted filters/delay sweeps, combs or totally new and unrealistic send effects. Paradoxically, AdopplerEn2 is better and more interesting to use with this last category.

The whole interface is based over parallelism. The channels and the lfos use a shared editor which displays the values of the selected channel or lfo. Some hints and the values of edited controls are displayed at the bottom. Each Lfo or channel can be copied and paste to another channel or lfo, ensuring a fast and efficient workflow.

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ADopplerEn2  ( 1.3 MB )

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