Buzz Cut

size 1.83 MB  / 1.90  MB  / 1.91  MB

Buzz Cut is an audio clipping plugin designed for ease of use and great sound.

The intuitive scrolling waveform display gives a clear visual depiction of the processing and makes the settings easy to dial in.

The “HQ” mode offers a cleaner sound for when hard, digital clipping produces too many artifacts.
While mixing, Buzz Cut works great for leveling off drums and percussion while retaining the impact of the transients.
In a mastering context, clipping with Buzz Cut can allow the perceived volume of the audio to be increased without raising the peak levels.


BuzzCut.vst_  ( 1.83 MB )

BuzzCut_x64 ( 1.90 MB )

BuzzCut.component  ( 1.91 MB )

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