Harmony Rotator

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Harmony Rotator is a VST plugin that accepts midi notes and generates up to 3 additional harmony notes from a set of predefined offsets.
The plugin defines 4 voices: the main voice, a parallel voice, and 2 rotating voices. It also has a snap-to-scale option to restrict output notes to selected scales.
For each incoming MIDI note, it generates up to 4 output notes based on user settings. The 4 output notes, referred to as “voices”, are the main voice, the parallel voice, the rotator voice 1, and the rotator voice 2. Each of the voices can be enabled and disabled individually. Each voice has a selectable output channel (notes generated by the voice ae sent on this channel) and an optional delay.



HarmonyRotator ( 0.24 MB )

HarmonyRotator_x64  ( 0.17 MB )

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