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Ringelay is a delay effect that applies ringmodulation to the repeats.
There’s also an LPF & reverb that affect the repeats only.

  • L/R TIME: delaytime (1 sec maximum).
  • L/R REPEATS: amount of repeats.
  • L/R RING: crossfades the dry repeats with the ring modulator output.
  • L/R FILTER: sets the cut-off frequency of the lowpass filter (applied to the repeats only).
  • REVERB: amount of reverb on the repeats. (can be further adjusted with the SIZE, WIDTH & DAMP controls).
  • CARRIER: carrier frequency (ring modulator).
  • LFO: sweeps the carrier frequency around the setting of the carrier control (can be further adjusted with the RATE & DEPTH controls).



ringelay1.2  ( 1.13 MB )

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