Sender Spike – SN03

size 0.6 MB  / 0.7 MB

SN03/SN03-G is a tape sound emulation plug-in.
It takes the key components of analog tape recorders and gives the user tools to create a properly calibrated “custom tape machine” that operates in the range of 7.5 to 30 IPS, while conforming to NAB, IEC, and AES equalization standards.
The plug-in is designed with ASIO/CPU footprint that allows use of many instances for cumulative effect.
  • Input gain +/- 24dB.
  • Output gain +/- 24dB.
  • NAB, IEC (15 IPS), AES (30 IPS) EQ modes.
  • Adjustable recording EQ (LF +/- 10dB, HF +/- 14dB).
  • Adjustable reproduction EQ (LF +/- 10dB, HF +/- 14dB).
  • Adjustable “head bump” frequency from 65Hz to 105Hz.
  • Adjustable “head bump” gain from 1dB to 8dB.
  • Tape hiss gain +/-30dB from ca. -76dBFS (RMS).
  • Tape hiss on/off switch.
  • Complete I/O VU metering.
  • …and tape saturation, of course.


SN03  ( 0.6 MB )

SN03_x64  ( 0.7 MB )

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