STR X v1.2.1 Win Mac Linux

STR X v1.2.1 Win Mac Linux

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Not your grandpa’s guitar amp
The STR-X was built to be a simple, powerful, digitally-oriented guitar amp, one which isn’t based off any pre-existing analog models. If you’re looking for “vintage tube warmth” or “British bite”, look elsewhere. It’s not your grandpa’s guitar amp.


Hi Gain: New in v1.2! This switches between the standard, high-gain channel of STR-X, and a more clean, rhythm-guitar oriented tone. Don’t worry, it isn’t too clean! Works great for punchier rock tones or a more mild, bluesy overdrive.

Mode: The Mode control in the center of the amp changes the crossover point that feeds the pre-amp distortion (after the “X” pedal-style distortion).

Normal will give you a solid low-end, with retained clarity in the mids and highs even when cranked.

Thick drops the crossover point lower, resulting in greater intermodulation of the distorted signal, and a fuzzy tone ready for a sludge or doom sound.

Finally, Open separates all of the low-end from the mids and highs for a tight and bright tone, perfect for fast palm-muted playing or any situation where the low-end of the other two modes might be excessive.

X: This mysterious knob works like a one-knob distortion pedal (inspired by the Ibanez Tube Screamer), with filters that focus the tone on the mid-range the further it’s driven—good for an extra bump before the amp, dialing in a lead tone that cuts through everything else, or for tightening the bass on Thick mode while still remaining truly Thick.

Gain: This is the pre-amp drive section, ranging from not-quite-clean to a heavy wall of distortion. At high gain, the texture varies significantly, depending on the Mode used. This stage generates asymmetric distortion and both even and odd harmonics.

Master: This knob provides the output gain of the amp, with added distortion as well. Although not claiming to emulate any particular type of tube, it does generate the symmetric, odd-harmonic distortion you’d expect from pentode tubes. With low pre-amp gain, you can use this knob to dial in fairly clean tones down low, and bright crunch up high.

YouTube video

YouTube video

System Requirements:

Recommended Minimum of 4 GB of RAM & Dual-Core CPU

Windows 7+ VST VST(3) | CLAP
MacOS 10.9+ (Intel/Apple Silicon) VST(3) | AU | CLAP
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04+ [x86_64]) VST(3) | LV2 | CLAP


STRX121  ( 19 MB )

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