200 C

size 3.64 MB

200 C is a set of Buchla 200 modules.

  • 3 258-style Dual Oscillators.
  • 2 Quad Envelope Generators.
  • 2 Quad LoPass/VCAs.
  • Dual Bandpass VCF.
  • Dual random voltage source.
  • Dual Ring Modulator.
  • Dual CV Processor.
  • Dual CV Adder.
  • 6 channel mixer.

The keyboard controls module is based on some of the functions of the 221 Kinesthetic Input Port, including the unique “2D Voltage Source”, a joystick that outputs four distinct control voltages: from center up, from center down, from center left and from center right.
Since the six oscillators have FM inputs and there are eight envelopes and eight VCAs available, this can be set up as a six-operator FM synth.
This is NOT intended to be a emulation of the sound or precise function of any Buchla modules or instrument; only a way to experience some of the unique ‘West Coast’ way of thinking about sound generation and alteration.
Patching is by drop-downs at each signal and CV input.



200C ( 3.64 MB )

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