Analog Obsession – TUBA

Analog Obsession – TUBA

size 5 MB  / 3 MB

Tube mic/line amp with 2 band EQ.
Not 1:1 model of famous console. DIY version of original hardware with mods.
LEVEL : Input drive. Fully compensated to avoid gain changes.
GAIN : Input drive gain range.
MIC/LINE : Selectable mic preamp or line amp for different characters and colors.
LF : Low frequency with broad shelf around 100 Hz.
HF : High frequency with broad shelf around 8 kHz.
0/180 : Phase switch
PAD : 20 dB pad without affecting gain level. It will increase headroom.
OUTPUT : Clean output


TUBA_1.0_VST_VST3_WIN  ( 5 MB )

TUBA_1.0_VST_VST3_AU_MAC  ( 3 MB )

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