Fretless Zither

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The Fretless Zither  is an antique plucked strings instrument consisting of a sound box with strings going across the top and a soundhole in the middle.
To the left is generally a section of chord strings, which, when a set of these is strummed with the finger, will play a certain chord. To the right is a chromatic scale, generally two octaves, which consist of the melody half.

  • 4 Octaves of melody (last octave and a half and top half octave derived from harmony samples and extension of the top samples).
  • Effects (knocks, chromatic gliss).
  • Harmony (5 chords- Bb Maj, F Maj, D Min, C Maj, and G Min).


Zither_v4_x86 ( 139 MB )

Zither_v4_x64 ( 139 MB )

Zither_v4_AU ( 143 MB )

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