FX Pack

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FX Pack collection of VST effect plugins for Windows.

Debaser, a flexible multi-fx VST plugin that is capable of generating a vast variety of unique effects, everything from amp simulation to complex reverbs.
QDelay, a 4-band delay/chorus/flanger.
QEq, a 32 band equalizer / 4 band compressor.

QRing2, a 4-band ring modulator which can produce a range of ring modulation and low-fi effect.
QVoc, a 32 band vocoder (with control of the volume and pan position of each band), with pitch shifting, post vocoder distortion/filtering and a compressor built in.
QWah, a 4-band delay filter which can create a vast range of different effects from pattern filtering & wahwah to talkbox & distortions and any number of other effects.

I’ve decided to make my FxPack free , since

a) I don’t have any time to update it,
b) I’m 100% involved with Rob at the moment
c) I don’t think any one has bought a copy in the last year &
d) it’s Christmas



FXPackSerials  ( 3.23 MB )

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