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MCS6 is a serial multiband compressor and saturator.

Six stages of processing allowing many combinations – you can compress, saturate, equalize, control stereo, de-ess etc. Clear user interface optimized for fast and precise workflow. Big PeakScope display showing output of each stage separately.

  • Six serial stages for compression and saturation.
  • Full range, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filtering.
  • PeakScope display showing I/O peaks and gain reduction.
  • Smooth compression envelope with automatic soft-knee response curve.
  • Subtle biased (asymmetric) saturation dependent on compression.
  • Stereo width and gain control for each stage.
  • Main pair of low-cut and high-cut filters with adjustable resonance.


MCS6 ( 2.19 MB )

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