size 12.1 MB  / 11.7 MB  / 18.3 MB

OrilRiver is an algorithmic reverb that simulates the reverberation of a small room and great hall.
OrilRiver has a classic parameters such as Damping, Stereo width, Pre-delay, Room size, Diffusion and a parameter as Damping intensity which allows you to change the reverb decay time of high frequencies.

  • 12 variations of the early reflections.
  • 3 variations of the reverb tail.
  • 3-band equalizer for the wet signal, which helps to create different shades of the virtual space.
  • Reverb algorithm is written in assembly language, so signal processing provides a low CPU load.
  • 64-bit internal signal processing.


OrilRiver  ( 12.1 MB )

OrilRiver_x64 ( 11.7 MB )

orilriver_mac  ( 18.3 MB )

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