Pcheneg Tremolo

size 7.71 MB  / 7.72 MB  / 7.81 MB  / 7.80 MB

Pcheneg Tremolo is a tremolo effect with the possibility to adjust the modulating curve shape and a host synchronized frequency.
In the regime of the synchronizing with a host (Tempro sync), frequency is adjusted by the knob Note and note part switch (under the knob), which set a note frequency with respect to the host frequency. In a manual regime (Tempo man) this knob changes to the knob Freq, where the frequency is pointed in Hz.
By the knobs Shape, Phase and Symm, one can set the form of the tremolo modulating curve. The knob Depth sets a degree for the modulation.



PechenegTremolo  ( 7.71 MB )

PechenegTremolo_x64  ( 7.72 MB )

PechenegTremoloAU-mac  ( 7.81 MB )

PechenegTremoloVST-mac  ( 7.80 MB )

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