Rock Hardbuns’ bundle – Effects

size 451 KB

The file includes:

Harsh Mistress:
Brickwall Limiter. Envelope follower modeled after one Bram of SmartElectronix posted on

Vanilla Surprise:
Multieffect with Chorus, Phaser, Delay and Reverb. The reverb is basically freeverb. The chorus is using hermite interpolation. The phaser has a stepping (S&H) mode. The time parameter of the delay and step phaser is given in number of 16th. With the knob all the way left, the time is 1/16th. All the way right is 8/16th.

Biquad parametric equaliser. Low shelf, two mid bands and one high shelf. The Q parameter is narrow to the left, and wide to the right.

Purple Nurple:
Experimental step flanger. Also features the phaser from Vanilla. The Trans parameter gives the transition (slide) time between flanger delays. Careful with this one.


Rock_Hardbunsbundle-Effects  ( 451 KB )

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