Stereo Helper

size 1.06 MB  / 1.13 MB

Stereo Helper is a stereo mix control tool.
It can be used on every audio track/group that requires stereophonic enhancement. It’s leightweight in terms of CPU power consumption and has zero latency. The main features include mid/side processing, width control, stereo enhancement and a mono compatibility checker.

  • Preview mid or side channel of your stereo tracks.
  • Add mid and side channel gain.
  • Add depth to audio signals with a natural sounding delay effect.
  • Indicate whether your input signals are mono.
  • Control the stereo width.
  • Check for mono compatibility.
  • Panning, phase inversion, left/right swap.


StereoHelper  ( 1.06 MB )

StereoHelper_x64  ( 1.13 MB )

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