TED – Basic Synth

TED – Basic Synth

size 2 MB  / 3 MB

Basic Synth is a morphing controls synthesizer.
It tries to simplify GUI controls and make shaping a sound quick and easy. For example, just 3 joysticks can drastically morph the sound. The goal is to provide a solid little synth for everyday use.

It has 10 polyphony with an OSC that has 3 internal ‘Modulator->OSC’ pairs with detune, quantization and phasemodulation.
There is a per voice dual LFO that modulates the filter. The filter itself is a ‘moog’ type filter which internally dynamically scales its range for each note played, an envelope modulates this as well.
All this is put through a ‘spacialiser’ that helps place the sound in the mix. Finally, there is an ‘opaque’ mix through which ‘waveform ducks’ incoming audio, usefull for making a bass waveform not clip the audio signal.
Aside from that, it has extras like the ‘Vintagizer’, Colour scheme choice, Vibrato, and OSC key sync.

TED has no (more) website


TED-BasicSynth_32  ( 2.2 MB )

TED-BasicSynth_64  ( 3.4 MB )

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