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Transient is a transient-driven signal shaper that allows you to adjust the attack and sustain portions of the peaks in your audio signal.
It works by detecting rapid changes in the incoming signal regardless of its amplitude level. Enhance your percussive instruments with this easy to use envelope shaper. Transient allows precise control over your audio signal’s transients with minimal cpu usage.

  • Mono and Stereo compatibility.
  • Transient detection and volume processing.
  • Manual timing adjustment for transient detection and processing.
  • Adjustable filters for transient detection and processing.
  • External sidechain inputs.
  • Solo attack, sustain, left, and right.
  • Adjustable volume range for transient detection.


Transient 1 ( 2.18 MB )

Transient_x64  ( 2.22 MB )

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